I feel giddy, oh so giddy!

Fancy Nancy Sits, Day 21

Fancy Nancy Sits, Day 21

Today, the 21st day Fancy Nancy shifted to the side and gave a weird twist of her head. Oh please, I thought, let this be a frisky hatching egg, and not a sudden onset of wry neck. I lifted her side a bit and saw that one of the blue eggs had a beak sized poke in it. I spend the day putting together a very crude brooding area while she worked hard at puffing her feathers and making her little nest into a sauna. Then I left her alone for some peace and quiet. When I checked on her in the late afternoon I realized that those few hours are her last moments of peace and quiet for quite some time.
Fancy and her first little one

Yippee! And now we wait, to see if the other two eggs hold such miracles.

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